What the Curve Lake Pow Wow Means to Me

Every fall I look forward to the Curve Lake Pow Wow.  It almost always falls on a hot sunny day with the smell of woodsmoke in the air and the forest ablaze in yellow and orange.There must be several hundred cars parked along the roadsides on the way to the fairgrounds by the lake. I love getting a ride on the golf buggy or just walking with other visitors to the site. As soon as I hear the drums and the singing, I feel tears come to my eyes – I’m home. I’m somewhere outside of time, I’m with the first people, I am one with everyone.

I am grateful for the welcome that the Curve Lake people share with us. Families come together from all over Canada and the U.S. They bring their beautiful costumes, feathers, fringe, and food (don’t forget to try a buffalo burger) and let us see and join in the dances that celebrate their culture and the earth.

Someday I may find the courage to join the all tribe dances, doing the slow toe-heel dance that the women do, their bodies upright and full of dignity,. I come away feeling more human, having been part of a ceremony that has happened for centuries.

More info on Curve Lake and its culture can be found on this website: Curve Lake First Nation Cultural Centre.

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