UnderPinnings Grand Opening

Handmade corsets from UnderpinningsI visited the UnderPinnings’ Grand Opening last week, where custom sewing is an artform. 

Working out of a home studio which would be the envy of most artists, über seamstress Leslie Menagh celebrates bodies of all kinds by creating customized garments and keeping your favourite designs and patterns on file for life. With an arts degree from NSCAD she made jewelry, photography and performance art before she began UnderPinnings  – I’ll let her explain:

She is also offering her 5 week Intro to Sewing course through the Learning Source, beginning February 21st, 6:00pm – 8:30pm

On April 27th she’ll be part of Public Energy’s 2012 Runway Challange and Wearable Art Show, where Peterborough artists and designers pair with local businesses to create original fashions using nothing but the products from that business.

Website: underpinnings.ca

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