Painting Workshops with John Climenhage

Over eight weeks students will be invited to explore the traditions of oil painting:

  • from the pre-renaissance through to cubism we will experiment with the changing perspectives of space in modern art history
  • from the introduction of single and two point perspective (1480’s) to the development of cubism (1907-1914)
  • a practical application of ideas through still life and landscape
  • students of all abilities will be provided with materials and individual instruction to fit their needs and interests
  • courses are $200.00 for eight weeks mondays and wednesdays from 6:30 to 9:30 ( morning classes will be offered for student convenience if there is enough interest)
  • for more info and to reserve a spot contact John Climenhage at 705-750-0524 or email at
John Climenhage in the studio

John Climenhage in the studio

John Climenhage has been painting landscapes en plein air for over twenty years, while in the studio, experimenting with various post modern approaches to the development of abstract spaces based on contemporary philosophy and quantum physics.

“I return time and again to the landscape for both renewal and insight, finding new and subtle connections between the act of seeing and my perception of the world. While still maintaining traditional perspective these paintings attempt to include by intuition, many of the ideas I utilize in my larger abstract work. I don’t prefer one line of inquiry over the other. Each feeds into the other. By bearing witness to the world as I perceive it , the landscapes retain an immediacy and a spontaneity which eludes me in the studio, where revisions are possible over many painting sessions. Outside, I work in concert with the subject, observing new combinations of line and colour which create spaces of meaning based on the specificity of the moment. I aim to depict both the act of seeing and the becoming of a world, within which I am also becoming.”

-John Climenhage, May 2011

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