Crowdfunding by Spark Box Studio

Spark Box Studio is a lovely studio near Picton that offers residencies, workshops, open studios and other arts resources, particularly for printmakers. I really like their approach and their website offers lots of good art biz info and links to resources. One day I would like to book a residency for myself or start something like that right here in Peterborough…

Applying for government arts funding always strikes me as a bit of a crap shoot, time-consuming and mildly humiliating. Lots of small enterprises have discovered online crowdsourcing and microfinancing for project funding and artists are turning to it for both large and small projects. The internet is offering us alternatives that didn’t exist even a decade ago, as well as the opportunity to participate in building a different kind of economy.

The Trout is always interested in your input. Have you tried crowdsourcing to fund a project and what was your experience? Do you think it works in the context of building a strong arts community in the Peterborough area?  Do you have other solutions for supporting local artists? Let us know at

Here is a link to an article and excellent info graphic on Crowdfunding on the lovely Spark Box Studio website »

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