City Mouse vs. Country Mouse

5 things I love about Toronto

  1. Because there are so many people, they let their quirkiness shine through
  2. Street art, street music
  3. People are less patient but more tolerant
  4. Wonderful, creative ways of using tiny, precious spaces
  5. Walking

5 things I hate about Toronto

  1. The suffering of so many people
  2. Overstimulation
  3. Noise
  4. Suburbs and urban sprawl
  5. Walking

5 things I love about Peterborough

  1. People you don’t even know say hello
  2. Innocence
  3. Amazing bike trails and a river running through it
  4. Eclectic arts community
  5. Potential

5 things I hate about Peterborough

  1. Big box stores
  2. Under-utilized and uncared for heritage buildings
  3. Limited local advanced education for all the arts
  4. Suburbs and urban sprawl
  5. Not enough cultural diversity
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