Emergency #19

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Public Energy’s showcase of new dance and performance art takes place this weekend at Market Hall March 30th-April 1st and I want to see it all!  The spirit of this year’s Emergency #19 is captured in the arresting promotional photo on our front page by Wayne Eardley of Melanie McCall as a Tiger Tamer in Stark.  This collection of brave new works features many local performers in three programs and a one on one puppet show – from circus arts to clown, contemporary to a Sri Lankan celebration dance. A few highlights from among the 18 works on stage this season:

Vertep is a one-on-one puppet show to be performed every 5 minutes for one viewer at a time in a special custom-made enclosure installed in the Market Hall lobby. Actor and puppeteer Brad Breckenridge created the eerie life-size puppets which were animated by he and Kate Story in Terror and Erebus, performed outdoors along the Jackson Creek bike path last summer.

Last year Kate Story presented the moving solo piece Performances May Be Permanent, winding the life and death of iconic pianist Glenn Gould around her own family dysfunction. This year All She’s Told Him  draws from her latest novel, Wrecked Upon This Shore: a son, his mother, and the father he never knew. Performed by Kate with Keith Macfarlane and Ryan Kerr, and music by Curtis Driedger.

Choreographer Bill James’ Rant is a solo dance performance featuring Wes Ryan. Always in love with a physical challenge or environment, Bill has worked with many local performers including Old Men Dancing and “has created countless site-specific works over his career, most with an intellectual hook that’s sometimes missing in what’s on offer locally in the performing arts.” – Dance Current

The art of clown is a powerful, unappreciated form of theatre and I am thrilled to see it present in 2 of this year’s Emergency performances. Deb Reynolds & Hermione Rivison present Do You See It? In the search for what matters, two clowns learn about what matters most and what can be left behind on the journey to find it. Mark Wallace brings us Matthias! – a serious clown prepares to give the performance of his life. Cue the unexpected. Matthias must choose to stand and face the music or to exit, pursued by a bear.

Old Men Dancing is a company of men, who are not young and are not professional dancers. They continue to develop original choreography that challenges our traditional understanding of male gender. This year they present Occupy This, a simple musing on the movement started on Wall Street by some Canadians from Adbusters Magazine. It raises hope for the coming spring, while asking the burning question; “Where do we go from here?”

But there is so much more to see and experience, so go! Here’s the basic schedule – full descriptions of the artists and the works are available on the Public Energy Emergency #19 web site »

Program A  – Friday 7:30pm / Sunday 2pm

Lester Tegan Opal   Revolutions
Kate Felix    Trapped in my Mind
Hilary Wear    Seal Woman Moves: Life on Land
Bill James   Rant
Deborah Harrison    Maeve’s intoxication
The PyroFlys   Broken Down Circus

Program B – Friday 9pm / Saturday 7:30pm

Melanie McCall & Tara Williamson  Stark
Alli Pfaff    Life is a One Way Ticket
Old Men Dancing    Occupy This
Keith Macfarlane    The Lesson
Gaya  Nilukshini S. Jayasinghe   Traditional Sri-Lankan Celebration Dances

Program C – Saturday 9pm / Sunday 3:30pm

Kate Story  All she’s told him
Wes Ryan   Appendages: the trailer
Deb Reynolds & Hermione Rivison   Do You See It?
Mark Wallace   Not To Be
Ryan Kerr   Falling Down
Ryan Kerr   Impertinent

One on one Puppet Theatre In The Lobby
Friday 6:30pm & 8:30pm / Saturday 6:30pm & 8:30pm / Sunday 1pm & 3pm

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