Wayaman with Glenna Matoush

I don’t think I can be the only person in Peterborough who starts to hyperventilate when I see a printing press. There’s one at Artspace from June 15th-24th for a project called Wayaman (from the southern James Bay Cree dialect the word refers to the red paint used historically to decorate clothing and bodies). Multimedia artist Glenna Matoush will be in residence for 10 days as part of Ode’min Giizis.

Glenna, Matoush Shaman - Transporting Souls to the Heavens

Glenna, Matoush
Shaman Transporting Souls to the Heavens, 2009
mixed media on denim, 48″ × 43″

Matoush will invite aboriginal youth and professional artists to come together in a workshop. Skill sharing and printmaking will be the driving force of the program and the end goal is larger than an image. Matoush’s project will use printmaking as a method to facilitate intergenerational communication within the gallery space. Rather than focusing on art production, the workshops will seek to create community space and shared experiences that will bridge gaps, create opportunities, and strengthen histories.

This is a rare opportunity to work with Matoush, who hails from Rama, but now resides in Montreal. Trained at the School of Fine Arts in Elliot Lake, the University of Alberta and the Graphic Guild of Montreal, she lived for many years in the Cree community of Misitissini, where she steeped herself in traditional native ceremonies and art to gain a view of their role in 
cultural reinforcement and on native identity. Her work is impressive – as colourful,  dynamic and political as German expressionism with powerful roots in both traditional and contemporary native symbolism and thought.

To sign up or the workshop, please contact  Artspace.

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Cover photograph of Glenna Matoush courtesty of Artspace.

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