The Waterway Project

I first truly understood the power of glass as a sculptural medium when I saw a picture of Bancroft artist and Governor General Award winner Kevin Lockau’s sand cast glass work, Behavioural Studies of Tolerance.

Glass is a physically challenging medium to work in – hot, heavy and dangerous. The ways it lets an artist play with light make it so worth it. Combine its fragility with another medium, say rock or metal or wood and all kinds of exciting things happen.

Christy Haldane - The Waterway Project

Christy Haldane – The Waterway Project
Photo: Parks Canada

Lakefield artist Christy Haldane’s site specific installation The Waterway Project is a collection of sculptures in glass, concrete, wood and metal located along the historic Otonabee Section of the Trent-Severn Waterway. Haldane has chosen the perfect media for this poetic and dimensional ode to water and rock. The first installation was shown at the Peterborough Lift Lock in September, 2010 during  Artsweek, followed by an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Peterborough in 2011. The final installations are on display in locations along the Trent Severn from July 15th to October 7th 2012.

How appropriate it is that the show in its multiple locations is accessible by bike and canoe as well as car – it also becomes a journey along one of our most important assets, the 386 kilometer Trent-Severn Waterway. This precious artery of fresh water runs through the heart of our region from Georgian Bay to Lake Ontario and has been traveled for over 10,000 years by First Nations and Europeans alike.

Art Gallery of Peterborough curator Carla Garnet writes:

“Haldane’s body of work is situated at an intersection of art, craft and architecture. Concrete and steel echo the materials of the locks themselves, which come to represent control and containment of the environment, while the transparency, fluidity, and bluish hue of water are suggested in the glass.

“Monuments of human engineering, Haldane’s work simultaneously points to the ongoing erosion from the elements that the locks face, reflecting the passage of  time and the subtle power of the water.”


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Summer Art Cruise on the Trent-Severn Waterway with artists John Climenhage & Christy Haldane
August 25, 1-5pm
Call AGP  to register at 705-743-9179.

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