Forever Playful: Rod Prouse

State of the Arts blogger Victoria Ward reviews Rod Prouse Pro Tempore
Agnes Jamieson Gallery, July 19 – September 1, 2012

Painting by Rod Prouse courtesy Agnes Jamieson Gallery

Painting by Rod Prouse courtesy Agnes Jamieson Gallery

“Rod is one of those kinetic artists who moves easily back and forth between painting, sketching, drawing, assembled sculpture and video. Featured in the exhibit are loose, colourful paper pieces that evoke a sense of dance; they feel as though they were hurriedly painted during a festival, mid-ritual, between a coconut drink with an umbrella and plate of mangos. In fact some of them were done via the Caribbean and the C.N.E playgrounds. Most of these works represent Prouse’s work in the eighties. In some ways they represent that decade’s aesthetic better than any Frankie Goes to Hollywood song. Prouse has mentioned his love of Memphis design and its ice cream coloured foundation as an inspiration and it shows.”  – Victoria Ward (reposted with permission)

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