Mary Anne Barkhouse’s Reins of Chaos

State of the Arts blogger Victoria Ward interviews Mary Anne Barkhouse
Reins of Chaos – The Final Frontier
Agnes Jamieson Gallery – September 12-November 3, 2012

The Donkey of Eternal Salvation by Mary Anne Barkhouse

The Donkey of Eternal Salvation by Mary Anne Barkhouse
Photo by Victoria Ward

“When I first met Mary Anne Barkhouse I had a realization that I was meeting a bona fide rock goddess. Not just because she was in one of Canada’s first punk bands, The Restless Virgins but because she inserts her rock n’ roll vibe into everything she touches; her clothes, her taste in music and movies, her attitude and her art work.

While other writers and art supporters seem to concentrate on her First Nations background, and her stunning art pedigree (iconic west coast carvers are relatives) I have to say my attraction to what Mary Anne does is her unfailing commitment to making her statement a rebel yell. Her ethos is bathed in a punk aesthetic and like all smart old school punk rockers, she continues to show that the punk movement was a global art movement and not just about being poor, British and spitting.”  – Victoria Ward (reposted with permission)

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