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Technology has empowered regular folks like me to do extraordinary things. For those of us who actually remember what life was like B.C. that is, Before Computers, the ability to record and mix your own multi-track album, digitally shoot and then edit a film on your desktop, create hybrid photographic images, desktop publish, or even extract sequential stills from a video, draw on them and then re-animate the whole thing, has opened up a magical world of creativity. Still, investing in the equipment and software can be out of the financial range of the average artist.

Media Lab Co-ordinator Vincent Chevalier

Media Arts Co-ordinator Vincent Chevalier

Artpace Director Fynn Leitch

On November 10th, 2012, ARTSPACE is launching its new, state of the art, Media Lab. Located in the space between the main gallery and the Mudroom are 2 über-slick iMac workstations fully loaded with plenty of yummy Adobe CS6 software. The lab offers a Canon XA10 and a Canon Rebel T31 camera with tripod, high end mics and lighting. Artist Vincent Chevalier has taken on the role of Media Arts Co-ordinator and gave me a tour of  the print design and video editing suites. The possibilities are just about endless.

ARTSPACE invites the public to engage with these new art-making tools and offers affordable rental rates – one more reason you should get a membership!

The lab will be open during gallery hours; cameras and video equipment will be available for offsite use on a daily or weekend basis. Along with a subscription to online tutorials, Vincent will be on hand on a limited basis to demystify if needed.

What I love about ARTSPACE is its commitment to facilitating artists and art education in the community. As a non-profit, artist-run centre that has been a vibrant and inclusive part of Peterborough’s art scene since 1974, it is so much more than a contemporary art gallery. It offers a library, a venue for events like the excellent, free weekly Trent Film Society series and workshops on subjects like zine-making, etching, grant-writing and social media for artists. And I intend to hold Vincent to his promise of a workshop on lenticular image-making.

Come to the Media Lab launch and take these babies for a test drive – you’ll be hooked!

On the same evening there is an opening reception for 2 exciting new shows:
Hesitations, Emily Hermant \\ Cymatic Imprints, Donna Legault

Saturday, November 10, 2012


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