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I can’t say enough about the value of good design in our daily lives. And I’m not one of those who would draw a line in the sand between fine art and design. Good design guides us effortlessly through our world, illuminates, de-mystifies and eliminates frustration. It brings us lasting pleasure. It gets even better when it’s local and sustainable.

Blue Gum Design Book Mule

Blue Gum Design Book Mule

Enter Blue Gum Design. A lot of thought, research and experimentation has gone into their line. Designed and prototyped in Warsaw, sourced with PEFC or FSC sustainable plywoods and hardwoods, built with manufacturing partners in Mississauga and Barrie, Blue Gum has done its due diligence for sustainability and quality right down to the non-toxic finishes and flat pack packaging – Peterborough produced with 100% recycled material and printed with vegetable based inks. This is a company that cares.

Blue Gum Design is named after the 50 foot sailing ketch that partner Rob Tuckerman helped build with his dad, Jack. Tuckerman, an illustrator and writer in addition to his design work, has teamed up with Kieran Andrews, one of the founders of the quality-driven Wild Rock Outfitters in Peterborough, with a little marketing help from Page Creative and Trent Photographics.

In the 60’s, you could find chairs by some of the best furniture designers of the 20th century at Trent University, and according to the Blue Gum blog, you can still score an occasional find if you’re up for a little dumpster-diving. Blue Gum’s designs pay homage to the designers of this era like Stickley and Klint.

If you’re one of those simultaneous-reader people like me who always has a stack of books spilling over beside the bed or on the coffee table, I think you’ll like the Book Mule. Portable, compact and stylish! It’s so nice it made it into Dwell magazine’s marketplace.

The Champlain Chair is a gem of classic design with a pivoting back that creates the perfect angle to support your back. To quote the Blue Gum blog:  Mies van der Rohe once said, “A chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost easier.” 

Blue Gum is a lovely blueprint for local design and manufacturing – proof that world class, built-to-last quality and environmentally conscious design are feasible even in a rural studio in a little town like Warsaw.


The Globe & Mail: Trent University alumni starting to reclaim a past that’s been trashed»


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