The Burgess Shale CD release

The Burgess Shale at PFF

The Burgess Shale at Peterborough Folk Festival 2012

They played a fine, rollicking set at the 2012 Peterborough Folk Festival and it was standing room only at the Spill and the Garnet for their performances of  Eight Days Lost – The Tom Thompson Multimedia Project last year during Artsweek. The Burgess Shale sound is improvisational and refreshing –  acid jazz with a solid chunk of rock ‘n roll thrown in for good measure.

The trio consists of Wyatt Burton, Gerry Gregg and John Climenhage, all of whom have been found performing in any of a number of local bands, most notably Peterborough darlings The Silver Hearts. Climenhage is also an accomplished painter. With some editing assistance from local videographers Michael Morritt and Lester Alphonso, their Artsweek project featured projections of Climenhage’s landscapes and video of Canoe Lake in homage to the 100th anniversary of Tom Thompson’s death.

Their new self-titled, self-produced album is coming out this month and will feature some of their classic boundary-pushing 10 minute grooves – think the Stones sitting in on a set by Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

You can like them on Facebook but these guys are so busy working that you won’t find much info on them online … and so The Burgess Shale mystique builds. My best advice is to go see them live and grab a CD at their release party on January 18, 2013 at the Garnet. You can also catch them on January 25th at the Red Dog and February 1st at This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton. CDs will be available at Moondance and Bluestreak here in town, or contact them via their Facebook page or website to get hold of one. You can now purchase it on CD Baby as well.

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