And Then She Ate Me: Working from Home

Performer Lilian Ross-Millard reflects on Ring o’ Rosie’s creative process, and the experience of developing “And Then She Ate Me” while living in the house it will be performed in.

And Then She Ate Me, Ring o’ Rosie Theatre, March 2-8, 2017

“For the last month, I have been living in a theatre. Kind of.

“Ring O’ Rosie Theatre is a collective made up of Anne White (our director), and two performers, Miranda Jones, and myself, Lily Ross-Millard. A month ago, Miranda and I moved into our Peterborough digs (she is based in Montreal, and myself in Toronto). The North End home we moved into was also where we would create and perform our new play, And Then She Ate Me. Many people dream about working from home. I’d like to think we take the term ‘working from home’ to the next level.

“Our collective makes theatre the way university students make dinner: we look in our cupboards, scrap the recipe book and do the best we can with what we have. In the same way, Ring O’ Rosie scraps the traditional script and builds theatre around objects, songs, and texts we find ready at hand. The result: intimate, visceral, playful theatrical experiences.” – Lilian Ross-Millard (reposted with permission)

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