Peter Barron: The Garden of Earthly Delights

Peter Barron

Peter Barron

Peter Barron paints daily in a small shared studio on the third floor of the Commerce Building overlooking Mike’s Tattoo & Piercing on Water Street. He relocated there four years ago from the studio on George Street that he had rented for 32 years. The high-ceilinged room is stacked row on row with vibrant paintings leaning against the walls. When asked if they are finished he tells me, “I’m really not concerned about that,” adding that he continues to work on them from time to time, sometimes for years.

“Drawing and painting have become one,” he says. He still attends weekly life drawing sessions at the Kawartha Artists’ Gallery & Studio, equating it to regular exercise. He is also not afraid to layer oils on top of acrylics.

In January Evans Contemporary presents The Garden of Earthly Delights, a solo exhibit of this significant senior artist whose work has rarely been seen locally in recent years, outside of the odd woodcut for the Artspace 50/50 fundraiser.

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